Our Story

Ford Wedding Cars

Unique Transport for Perth Brides

My Wife and I met and married in Sydney in 2010, our journey West started when we booked a flight to visit my best mate, who moved over a couple of years prior.  He said, “You guys would love it here, it’s a great place to raise a family”.  He was right. We love it!

As a family we thought it would be a great opportunity, so we put in for a transfer and six weeks later we were moving our little family into our new home state – Western Australia. After settling the family in, we decided to look for a car. Cars have been a passion of mine since I was a kid. I have owned so many cars we started to lose count.

Our attention was captured by an online listing for a White 1965 Ford Falcon XP from Clarkson, Perth, Western Australia.  We didn’t waste any time; we knew we were onto something special.  She (XP Falcon) was something special alright.  It is such a pleasure to own a piece of Australian motoring history, and we noticed quite quickly it was not only us that appreciated seeing her.  She would attract attention and bring a smile to people’s faces as we drove her around Perth.  At the lights, at the shopping centre, on a Sunday drive – she would just attract attention.  People would stop us and ask questions.

That got us thinking.

The first thought we had was that she would make a stunning bridal car.  She just had that look about her, and we could picture a bride with a big white dress – simply beautiful. We took the plunge and put the idea out there... People started responding, we started getting bookings and our vision for her as a bridal car was on its way.

After a while we realised that our bride required a groom, so the search was on, and that’s when we found our Black 1966 Ford Falcon XP.  But with all great love stories there are always some obstacles to overcome - He was all the way over in NSW.  That didn’t stop us.

With both cars together now, we knew we had created something special for Perth Brides.  The response to the cars confirmed what we thought.  The cars have a way of making people feel special.  Maybe it’s because something that was created in the 1960’s has stood the test of time, maybe it’s because they are unique and not your run of the mill wedding transport, maybe they bring back memories of simpler times and values, or maybe passengers just enjoy the feeling they get when people turn to look as we move through traffic.

We were delighted that people were getting as much joy from our cars as we do.  We continue to be moved with feelings of pride and appreciation whenever we are asked to be a part of someone’s special day.  We know that the cars are part of the long lasting memories people will carry moving forward with their lives.